2 euro commemorative coins 2021 - Numis
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Andorra "100 years of the coronation of Our Lady of Meritxell": December
Andorra "We take care of our seniors": December
Belgium "100 Years of Economic Union with Luxembourg": issued
Belgium "500 Years Karlsgulden" issued
Estonia "Finno-Ugric Peoples" issued
Estonia "Wolf (Canis Lupus)" issued
Finland "Journalism and Open Communication" issued
Finland "Åland Autonomy": issued
France "75 years of UNICEF": issued
France "Olympic Games 2024 Paris": issued
Germany "Sachsen-Anhalt" issued
Greece "200 years of the Greek Revolution" issued
Italy "150 years of Rome, capital of Italy" issued
Italy "GRAZIE - Health Professions" issued
Latvia "De Iure - Recognition of Latvia": issued
Lithuania "Žuvintas - Biosphere Reserve" issued
Lithuania "Dzūkija Region": issued
Luxembourg "100th Birthday of Grand Duke Jean" issued
Luxembourg "40th Wedding Anniversary of Maria Teresa and Henri" issued
Malta "Heroes of the Pandemic": issued
Malta "Tarxien Temples" issued
Monaco "??": 
Portugal "EU Presidency" issued
Portugal "Tokyo Olympic Games" issued
San Marino "Caravaggio" issued
San Marino "Albrecht Dürer": issued
Slovakia "Alexander Dubček": issued
Slovenia "Provincial Museum for Carniola (Kranj)": issued
Spain "Old Town of Toledo" issued
Vatican "Caravaggio" issued
Vatican "Dante Alighieri": issued